This story starts on a treadmill...

"Every day while walking on the treadmill and watching Oprah, I prayed that God would send me an idea that will enable me to work smarter, not harder. During one of these workouts, one of my girlfriends called me and asked me if I had an extra mobile phone. Her husband had lost yet another one of their phones. What made this day special was that I had just finished reading an article on Bluetooth® technology. The article mentioned how this technology can be used to connect products within about a 30' distance. It was at this moment that I had what my husband, Henry, calls an 'exercise, Oprah-induced, epiphany'."

Laurie and Henry have a history of successful ventures and have helped many other business leaders grow their companies. From her entrepreneurial experience, she knew this idea was special!

"I told Henry my idea and we both became convinced that a "wireless leash™" product would be a solution to a very common, modern day problem. We immediately went online and searched Bluetooth® technology and the name Peter Hauser kept coming up over and over. We contacted Peter and invited him to our home in Tulsa to explore the idea further."

Peter's extensive experience with consumer electronics and his insider knowledge of the Bluetooth® wireless technology industry allowed these brainstorming sessions to quickly evolve and refine the concept into a product.

"We quickly realized that this product had the potential to become a true 'must-have' accessory for the mobile phone. And of course, every good product needs a name. Since the idea for this came from my kids constantly losing their phones, the name, ZOMM, followed pretty quickly. ZOMM stands for Zac, Olivia and Madison's Mom. As Henry and I started sharing my idea with our circle of friends, stories started pouring in about how many people had lost their phones. And all I kept thinking was 'we all need a ZOMM.'"

In the months that followed after the initial meetings with Peter, ZOMM quickly grew from a concept to patents, drawings and specifications

"Henry and I believed so strongly in ZOMM and it's potential that we made the decision to put all of our resources towards making ZOMM a success. We spent the next year meeting with people best in their fields who caught the vision and teamed up with us to build a new company from scratch. We all made difficult sacrifices, all of us believing that the rewards would be worth it."

With the team assembled, ZOMM (the company) was born. What followed was arguably the fastest development project in history. ZOMM grew from a concept to a functional, mass-producible, high-end consumer product in less than a year. In the process, ZOMM won a prestigious CES Innovation Award in its category in 2010.

"As a woman and a mother of three, it is really exciting and humbling to have such an intelligent and qualified team working with me to develop my idea into a global enterprise. I am amazed that in such a short time, we have accomplished so much. When I saw the booth at CES, it brought tears to my eyes."

ZOMM continues to make headlines. Laurie's story has been picked up by all major media outlets. She has begun making media appearances in her role as President of ZOMM with her husband, Henry (CEO) by her side, leading the company into new areas of innovation and improving the mobile phone experience.

"What now? Well maybe it's time to get back on the treadmill to find more ways to make ZOMM the 'must-have accessory for mobile phones'."

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