Safety. Simplified.
The award-winning Wireless Leash Plus is the ultimate in safety and security. Its one button operation is intuitive and makes connecting to emergency assistance easy. Small and portable, the Wireless Leash Plus wirelessly tethers to nearly any Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone.
Passionate about the iPhone.
The Wireless Leash Plus works with the myZOMM iPhone app to not only keep you from ever leaving your phone behind but can also make finding your keys a lot easier.
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ZOMM's unique look and patented design, matches the innovative nature of the product.
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One-touch 911 assistance.
During a stressful emergency, you don't have time to pull out your phone and dial for emergency assistance. That's why the Wireless Leash Plus features a simple one-button press & hold system to get you in touch with 911.
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Keep your phone (and your sanity).
Our mobile phones today are not just about talking - they are a lifestyle. Photos, contacts, movies, emails, and more - and a huge pain if they all get lost. The Wireless Leash Plus tethers to your phone wirelessly and will alert you if you and it ever separate.
It's easier with an app.
With the myZOMM app, you can alter audible settings on the fly, easily press a button to find your Wireless Leash Plus, and see the last paired location of your Wireless Leash Plus at any time. The amazing myZOMM app is available today. Learn more about the myZOMM App.
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Order yours today.
The award-winning Wireless Leash Plus has been well received by consumers, media, and talk shows across the world. The ultimate in safety and security, shipped directly from ZOMM. Order yours today.
Thank you for your interest. At this time, Pre-Orders are currently only available in the US.