myZOMM for iPhone®
The myZOMM app is designed to help you remember where you left anything you can take a photo of. When paired with a Wireless Leash Plus, you can even get alerts to help you remember your keys and sound an alarm when you walk away from your phone.

myZOMM also lets you change settings on the fly and can connect you directly to a Personal Safety Concierge with one touch.
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myZOMM for Android
myZOMM lets you manage your Wireless Leash wherever you are.

The myZOMM App for Android works with your Wireless Leash to offer new features and a greater level of convenience. Use the myZOMM App for Android to find your keys, purse or anything else you attach to your ZOMM Wireless Leash.
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myZOMM for Mac & PC
Even if you don't have an iPhone or Android-powered phone, you can conveniently use myZOMM from your home Mac or PC.

Using the myZOMM Dashboard, gives you full freedom to be able to manage your ZOMM device. You can turn features on and off at the click of a button, such as the Wireless Leash, Speakerphone and Panic Alarm. You can also adjust the volume setting of each alert as well as the length of the Wireless Leash, whether you want it to alert at a short or long distance.
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