The new look of Safety.
The award-winning Lifestyle Connect is the easiest way to always be connected to friends, family and emergency services. With a one-touch connection to a trained Personal Safety Concierge, you can ensure your trusted family and friends know when you need help.
3x Award-Winner.
Honored with an unprecedented three prestigious awards at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, Lifestyle Connect is sure to impress with its broad range of features and services.

Watch a video of the Lifestyle Connect in action.
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Personal Safety Concierge
During any emergency, the Personal Safety Concierge by ZOMM will contact your family and friends with status updates and route the nearest emergency assistance to your exact location - when seconds matter.
We've got the family covered.
During an emergency situation your Personal Safety Concierge keeps your family apprised of what happened and ensures everyone has up-to-date information on your situation.
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Making health monitoring easy.
We've taken the guesswork out of monitoring your health. Your connected devices flow their data through Lifestyle Connect, which then sends it to anyone in your Personal Safety Network and simultaneously alerts emergency services - providing the immediate help you need. Watch the Video
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Works with your current phone.
Lifestyle Connect will work with any Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone - including the one you have right now. Even better, your Personal Safety Concierge can help you set it up to make sure everything is working perfectly.
It's easier with an app.
With the myZOMM app*, you can easily edit your Personal Safety Profile - ensuring first responders, family and friends are aware of your condition. You can also alter device settings, locate lost or missing items, and geo-tag locations for future reference.
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Small and secure.
Lifestyle Connect has no problem being the smallest guy at the party. The sleek design and small size keeps Lifestyle Connect from getting in your way.
Built to last.
The rugged casing on the Lifestyle Connect has been engineered to withstand being submerged in the bath, sprayed by the shower, or dropped in the sink.
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Tag. You're it.
Tags by ZOMM are small, coin-sized devices that work with the Lifestyle Connect and the myZOMM App to help you keep track of the things you care about. Place them in your car, on your luggage, or in other valuables so you know if they are misplaced or left behind.
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Lifestyle Connect: Coming Soon
The award-winning Lifestyle Connect is currently in pre-production and development. Stay ahead of everyone else by entering in your email address below to get exclusive first-looks, updates and pre-order information as it becomes available.
Thank you for your interest. At this time, Pre-Orders are currently only available in the US.