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Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Help the ZOMM Wireless Leash Get on the Shelf at Walmart!

We’re excited to be competing in Walmart’s Get on the Shelf contest this year. One lucky winner will get the chance to have their product stocked on shelves in Walmart stores throughout the country!

Vote in Get On The Shelf

As our loyal customers and fans, we’re hoping you will help us in our venture. In order to win, we need votes—so if you feel we deserve this honor, there are a few ways you can help:

You can vote once per avenue, per day. We truly appreciate it!

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

ZOMM 2011 Video Recap

It’s hard to believe the end of 2011 is here! In only a few days it will be 2012. We’ve done a lot over the past year, including the release of ZOMM Pink and the Safe Driving Kit at CES last year and the launch of both our Android and iPhone apps.

We also released several new videos in 2011 and wanted to take this opportunity to take a look back at the year in video form:

We’ve had a great year and are looking forward to another great one in 2012!

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Holiday Contest Time – Spot the ZOMMs, Win a ZOMM!

The holidays are here and we’re in the spirit of giving! From now until Christmas, we’ll be giving away several of our Wireless Leashes to you, our loyal customers, fans, followers and of course, friends.

holiday contest

The first way to win is in our “Spot the ZOMMs” holiday-themed contest. Here’s how you can enter:

  • Visit our Twitter Page (more specifically, this Twitpic)
  • Count the ZOMMs in the photo
  • Tweet @theZOMM with your answer

We’ll be doing this contest three times throughout the month – so be sure to check our Twitter Page regularly for your chance to win!

On December 5, we’ll be launching a contest right here on our blog as well – but we can’t tell you just what it is yet. You’ll have to tune in next Monday to find out how to win!

In light of all these contests, we want to know: what would you do to win a ZOMM?

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

America Recycles Day – Recycling Your Electronics

If you’re like most of us here at ZOMM, you’ve probably upgraded your cell phone multiple times over the past few years. Most of those old phones (especially if you’ve been using a ZOMM Wireless Leash to avoid losing them) are probably sitting in a drawer or closet somewhere. It’s not just cell phones either—it’s all types of electronics. How many old iPods, cell phones, printers or other gadgets do you have?

recycle electronics
In honor of today being America Recycles Day, we’ve compiled a few ways for you to recycle those old or unused electronics:

Donate Them

There are multiple programs out to which you can donate gently-used cell phones. One such program is called Cell Phones for Soldiers. Established in 2004 by teen siblings Rob and Brittany Bergquist, Cell Phones for Soldiers collects gently-used cell phones in order to provide a cost-free method of communication to deployed troops. Donate your phone.

A similar program is the 911 Cell Phone Bank, which collects phones to help make sure everyone has access to law enforcement in the time of an emergency. You can learn more on their website:

 Recycle Them

Best Buy accepts electronics of all kinds to be recycled. This includes things like TVs, cell phones, DVD players and AV cables. No matter where you’ve purchased your electronics, you can recycle them at Best Buy. Check out their FAQ for more details.

Sell Them

If you want to make a little cash while recycling your gadgets, you can check out companies like NextWorth, Gazelle or even Apple. Typically with these sites you’ll fill out a short evaluation of your device, send it in, and receive a check or gift card in a week or so.


This is just a few ways that you can recycle your electronics. For more opportunities in your city, check out this interactive map.


Do you recycle your electronics?

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

ZOMM Loves Female Innovators

As many know, ZOMM was invented by Laurie Penix, the mom of the Penix family. Laurie recalls being on the treadmill, watching Oprah, when a phone call from a girlfriend inspired her to look further into the idea of a wireless leash. Inspired by Laurie’s innovation, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find some of the other top mompreneurs to share with – and hopefully inspire – everyone.

Heather Armstrong –

Easily one of the most popular blogs out there for moms and non-moms alike, the readership for is in the millions. Since Heather’s blog started garnering more attention, she’s launched two books, landed an advertising partnership with Dove Beauty and a blogging deal with HGTV. She was also named the 26th most influential women in the media by Forbes.

Julie Aigner-Clark – Baby Einstein

Julie produced the first Baby Einstein video in her family’s home basement— with her own funding. After meeting with a tradeshow buyer in New York, Baby Einstein was an instant success story. More recently, Julie sold Baby Einstein to the Disney Corporation for over $20 million, and used her experiencing in surviving breast cancer (twice) to write a children’s book on the subject.

Sophia Chiang – Qlubb

Qlubb is an online calendar tool that helps parent-led groups like PTAs or sports programs keep in touch and coordinate teams of volunteers. Sophia said she had the idea after she noticed a small group of parents always volunteering for activities at her children’s school. Many parents said they wanted to help but didn’t know how, which gave Sophia the idea for Qlubb. Now with 75,000 users, Qlubb continues to grow.

Cinnamon Bowser – Nail Taxi

Even the most innovative of moms needs a little pampering every now and then. But with kids, work, and a household, it can be difficult to get to a nail salon. Cinnamon solved that problem with her service, Nail Taxi. Nail Taxi is a service that brings the salon to you: at home, in the office, or wherever else you may need salon services.

These are some of our favorite mompreneurs, but we want to know who we left off the list. There are so many wonderful female innovators, it’s hard to choose the best. Let us know in the comments below who you would add!

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Technology Firsts – Machines, Devices and Gadgets that Changed Our Lives

There are a lot of things we use every day that we take for granted. From cell phones to automobiles, there are devices of all shapes and sizes that make our lives easier. However, have you ever stopped to think about the origins of these things?


Well, we’re taking a look back through history at the Top 10 Technology Firsts that made the World what it is Today:

  1. New York City saw the first passenger elevator in 1857. Passengers used the elevator to travel up and down the five story E. V. Haughwout Building at 488 Broadway.
  2. Alexander Graham Bell reigns as the creator of the first telephone, on which he is said to have made a call in 1875, exclaiming, “Watson, come here! I want to see you!”
  3.  The first gasoline-powered automobile came in Europe in 1885, from inventor Karl Benz. The vehicle traveled on three wheels and only seated two people.
  4. At the 1893 World’s Fair, Josephine Cochrane showcased the first dishwasher (from which modern units are modeled), which she created because her servants were chipping her fine china when washing it by hand.
  5. The first general purpose computer was announced in 1946 and was roughly 8’ x 3’ x 100’—taking up 1,800 square feet.
  6. 1969 brought us the first automatic teller machine, better known as an ATM. It debuted in Rockville Centre in New York City.
  7. In 1972, the first working television was born at the hands of Philo Farnsworth, who incorporated electronic scanning for both the cameras and receivers.
  8. In September of 1975, we saw the first laptop computer. The Epson HX-20 had an LCD screen, rechargeable battery and a small printer.
  9. Philips, Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic joined forces in 1995 and created the first DVD. Since they offer more storage than CDs, DVDs became a quick hit.
  10. The world’s first Wireless Leash was unveiled in January 2010 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The poker chip-sized device used Bluetooth technology to alert users if they walked away from their cell phone.

The world truly would not be the same without these ten inventions. We’re blessed to have these inventions in our lives, and so thankful there were people smart enough to create them! :)

 Is your favorite invention on this list? If not, what are some of your favorite technology firsts?

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Hands-On Review of ZOMM by YouTube Reviewer DarGadgetz

As the first of its kinds, the ZOMM Wireless Leash can be a bit hard to comprehend. That’s why we love when real people, like YouTuber DarGadgetz, get their hands on ZOMM. In his video review, he shows you how to use ZOMM and what he thinks of it.

Questions after watching this review? No problem – we’d love to answer them. Simply leave a comment below, or contact support!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions about ZOMM: The Answers

We get a lot of feedback from our customers, and we make sure to listen! Lately we’ve noticed a few questions rising to the top and being asked more frequently than others. Today we’re looking at two of these questions:

1. How do I increase my battery life?

Simple, download the newest firmware. When ZOMM was introduced, the battery life for standard use was about 3-5 days. However, with our latest firmware upgrade, we’ve nearly doubled that and ow get 6-7 days on one full charge. Make sure you have the latest firmware upgrade by checking your myZOMM profile.

2. How to I increase the speakerphone volume?

Again, the answer is simple. Don’t start looking all over your ZOMM for controls, though. Instead, you’ll use the controls on your phone to increase the speakerphone volume on the ZOMM.

Here’s how: Next time you take a call via your ZOMM, use the volume buttons on your phone to turn up the volume. Doing this while using ZOMM will increase the speakerphone volume-and stay that way. No need to do this during each call, the settings will save.

personal safety device
Do you have a question about how to use your ZOMM? Reach out to us here by leaving a comment, contact support or tweet us @theZOMM!

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Mobile Technology Invades Healthcare

Today, one of the fastest-growing trends in mobile technology is its spread into the health sector. Each day new ways are discovered to improve the health of everyday people by utilizing mobile technologies.

While there’s a rise in the number of people using health and wellness apps, text reminders for medication and video consultations with physicians, that’s only a small percentage of the way mobile is affecting healthcare.

One of the top ways mobile tech is penetrating the health market is via personal emergency response systems (PERS). We’re proud to be a part of this trend. Our Wireless Leash, which also acts as a panic alarm and one-touch 911 dialer, allows users to be wirelessly connected to a way to call for help.

personal safety device

Several customers have reported that they use ZOMM primarily as a personal emergency response system—specifically older adults or adults whose parents live with them. The panic alarm is a simple way (one-button press) to alert someone if you’re in an emergency situation or just need assistance. Then, if it’s necessary to call 911, users simply continue holding the button to be connected to emergency services.

Early this week we were thrilled to find out that our work isn’t going unnoticed. The Mobile Merit awards, which “recognize companies, individuals and technologies that have shaped the way in which the world communicates today,” recognized ZOMM on their 2011 Mobile Merit list, in the mobile health category.

This is a small step in the mobile health sphere, but we’re glad to be taking it. Technology is fun and fascinating, but it’s nothing if it’s not making people’s lives easier and simpler. We hope to continue our work in both the mobile health and consumer tech markets to do just that.

What trends have you seen in mobile health technologies?

Friday, May 6th, 2011

5 Life-Simplifying Smartphone Apps for Mom

Mother’s Day is Sunday—and it’s the perfect time to say thank you to a mother in your life. Whether she’s your mom or the mother of your children, what she really wants is for life to be a bit easier and less hectic—don’t you think?

Well here are a few free smartphone apps that will do just that:

  • CardStar: Does your mom sign up for every loyalty, reward or points campaign offered to her? Well now she can do it without over-stuffing her wallet with cards. CardStar allows for tracking and accessing loyalty programs all from a smartphone. Available for free on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7
  • OurGroceries: Want to make sure mom picks up your favorite items at the grocery store? Get her the OurGroceries app! The app allows for sharing of lists, so everyone in the family can add to them. Mom can also group like items to make her trip more efficient. Available for free on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry
  • Baby Travel: Traveling with a baby is tough—packing for travel with a baby is tougher. This app helps moms by asking a series of questions about your travel plans to ensure you get everything you’re little one will need. Available for Free on iPhone
  • GasBuddy: The price of gas is at the forefront of most everyone’s minds these days. Take a bit of the stress off by using GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas prices near you. Earn points by reporting the price of fuel in your area. Available for Free on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7
  • Words with Friends: Yes, moms need games, too! Word with Friends is a simple, Scrabble-type game that allows mom to take on her friends (and kids) with her wordsmith skills. Available for free (with a paid upgrade option) on iPhone and Android

As a mom, what kind of smartphone apps do you use to cut down on the chaos?

Want to make sure mom doesn’t lose her cell phone (and these great apps) in the hustle and bustle of motherhood? Check out our Wireless Leash – now available in Pink!

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    As many know, ZOMM was invented by Laurie Penix, the mom of the Penix family. Laurie recalls being on the treadmill, watching Oprah, when a phone call from a girlfriend inspired her to look further into the idea of a wireless leash. Inspired by Laurie’s innovation, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find some of the other top mompreneurs to share with – and hopefully inspire – everyone....

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