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Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

7 Tweetable Facts about Americans’ Cell Phone Usage

PEW recently did a study on Americans and their use of cell phones. The results are interesting, although not all that surprising. We’ve condensed the report into our seven favorite facts, and made them perfectly tweetable for you!

tweetable cell phone facts


Which fact do you find the most interesting? Click the link after it to automatically tweet it!

  1. 40% of mobile phone owners have found their phone helpful in an emergency situation. [Tweet]
  2. Sometimes we need a break. 29% of Americans turn their cell phone off just to take a break from it. [Tweet]
  3. 27% of Americans have had trouble doing something in the last month because they did not have their cell phone at hand. [Tweet]
  4. Do you take photos or send text message with your phone? You’re not alone—so do 90% of American smartphone owners. [Tweet]
  5. Bored no more: 42% of Americans have used their phone to defeat boredom. [Tweet]
  6. 44% of phone owners (cell or smart) use their mobile to access the World Wide Web. [Tweet]
  7. Cell phones allow us to avoid human interaction—13% of owners have used a phone to avoid awkward situations. [Tweet]

Did any of these facts surprise you?

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

ZOMM’s Top Tech Tweeps

Do you tweet? Chances are if you’re interested in all things tech (as we know many of you are), you’ve visited this micro-blogging site at least a few times. Maybe you even have a Twitter app or two downloaded on your smartphone.

Twitter isn’t just a fun way to keep track of friends and foursquare updates; it’s also a great way to get up-to-date information on new tech trends such as Spotify and the latest iPhone rumors.

Want to stay updated on everything going on the tech world? Here’s a list of top tech tweeps we recommend following:


Cali Lewis is one tech-savvy lady! Not only does she host her own show GeekBeat.TV, but she’s also a tech correspondent for CNN, FOX and Sirius 101’s GeekTime. All that and she still finds time to tweet! Kudos to you Miss Cali!


Robert Scoble might be one of the most popular people to follow on Google+, but this technology evangelist and former Fast Company blogger is also a great tweep to follow on Twitter. Robert doesn’t just talk about tech; he brings a critical eye to many of the latest tech trends.


Katie Boehret’s technology column is published weekly in the Wall Street Journal, but that doesn’t mean she reserves her tech updates for Wednesdays. This tech-savvy writer also blogs on the blog “All Things D.” Her twitter stream is filled with updates about these posts as well as her musing on technology and small insights into life at the WSJ.

@Mashable is a great source for the latest technology news and their CEO and founder, Pete Cashmore’s Twitter account covers everything from the latest gadget news to how technology is influencing global events. If you choose to follow this Twitter account you’ll be in good company; @Mashable has over 2,402,230 followers!

Our very own Twitter account isn’t just a great way to stay updated about what’s going on at ZOMM, it’s also a great way to find out about technology trends and get updates about mobile tech! But you knew that already, right?  (And we have to give a big shoutout to all our followers – we just passed the 10,000 follower mark!)

Not on Twitter? You can still get great updates about ZOMM on Facebook. “Like” us to find out more!

Who’s your favorite tech tweep? Leave a comment below or give us a give us a shout out on Twitter and let us know!

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