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Thursday, May 24th, 2012

The Most Popular Electronic Device in America: the Television or the Mobile Phone?

Question: Would you guess more Americans own a television or a mobile phone?

Televisions, of course, have been an American mainstay and status symbol since the mid-1900’s.

On In the other hand, the mobile phone has quickly risen as a must-have technological accessory in recent years. In fact, today’s smartphone, with its bigger and better screen and video viewing capabilities, increasingly resembles a miniature television.

Answer: As drastically as the American media landscape has changed in the last two decades, the mobile phone has not overtaken the television as the most commonly owned electronic device in the U.S.

According to a January 2012 Nielsen report on media usage, 232 million Americans over the age of 13 own a mobile phone, while 290 million own at least one television. In fact, over one-third (35.9%) of American households own four or more televisions!

Check out the following infographic for more interesting facts.

How long until the cell phone overtakes the television? Or do you think it ever will? 


ZOMM reports on Nielsen's findings on American media usage.

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Thursday, February 9th, 2012

4 Gadgets to Check out in 2012

Being two months into the New Year, it is time to review what gadgets you should know about in 2012. We have researched all the new electronics on the market and below you will find our list of the new must-have devices. Trust us, you aren’t going to want to miss out on these.

1.The Energizer Inductive Charger

For all of those people who can’t stand clutter, have limited space, or lose chargers this product is a must have. This charger takes away the need for different multiple chargers and chords. All you have to do is set your phone face down on this pad and voila, it is recharged. The best part is the Inductive Charger can charge up to three different devices all at one, saving you space and time.

2. ZOMM’s Wireless Leash

The hardest decision to make about this product is whether you will purchase it in pink, white, or black. If you accidentally leave your phone somewhere, our Wireless Leash sounds an alarm reminding you to get your phone. Press one button and be connected with 911. And, last but not least, the Wireless Leash allows you to answer all calls safely with just one press of a button.

3.Roku Streaming Stick

This little gadget would make a great gift and is reasonably priced. This device plugs into a port on newer televisions allowing instant access to sites such as Netflix and Pandora. The streaming stick doesn’t require power and boasts built-in wifi.

4. PowerSkin Spare One

Although this may not be the coolest or most innovative product it should certainly be a staple in your household for any emergency that may occur. SpareOne is a non-chargeable cell phone that is powered simply by an AA battery. The Spare One phone can stay charged for up to 15 years and has 10 hours of talk time from one single battery.


What’s the coolest gadget you’ve seen so far this year?

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Technology Firsts – Machines, Devices and Gadgets that Changed Our Lives

There are a lot of things we use every day that we take for granted. From cell phones to automobiles, there are devices of all shapes and sizes that make our lives easier. However, have you ever stopped to think about the origins of these things?


Well, we’re taking a look back through history at the Top 10 Technology Firsts that made the World what it is Today:

  1. New York City saw the first passenger elevator in 1857. Passengers used the elevator to travel up and down the five story E. V. Haughwout Building at 488 Broadway.
  2. Alexander Graham Bell reigns as the creator of the first telephone, on which he is said to have made a call in 1875, exclaiming, “Watson, come here! I want to see you!”
  3.  The first gasoline-powered automobile came in Europe in 1885, from inventor Karl Benz. The vehicle traveled on three wheels and only seated two people.
  4. At the 1893 World’s Fair, Josephine Cochrane showcased the first dishwasher (from which modern units are modeled), which she created because her servants were chipping her fine china when washing it by hand.
  5. The first general purpose computer was announced in 1946 and was roughly 8’ x 3’ x 100’—taking up 1,800 square feet.
  6. 1969 brought us the first automatic teller machine, better known as an ATM. It debuted in Rockville Centre in New York City.
  7. In 1972, the first working television was born at the hands of Philo Farnsworth, who incorporated electronic scanning for both the cameras and receivers.
  8. In September of 1975, we saw the first laptop computer. The Epson HX-20 had an LCD screen, rechargeable battery and a small printer.
  9. Philips, Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic joined forces in 1995 and created the first DVD. Since they offer more storage than CDs, DVDs became a quick hit.
  10. The world’s first Wireless Leash was unveiled in January 2010 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The poker chip-sized device used Bluetooth technology to alert users if they walked away from their cell phone.

The world truly would not be the same without these ten inventions. We’re blessed to have these inventions in our lives, and so thankful there were people smart enough to create them! :)

 Is your favorite invention on this list? If not, what are some of your favorite technology firsts?

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Protect Your Electronics from the Summer Heat

Spend a lifetime in Oklahoma and you’ll know just how hot and humid summer can be. With temps sky-rocketing into the hundreds, some days it feels like there’s no way it could ever be cold enough here for an ice storm.

When the sun bears down like that, though, it’s not only important to take care of yourself and your pets, but your electronics, too. We can’t imagine leaving home without our gadgets (cell phone, laptop, camera, etc), and we know you don’t want to either (why else would you have a ZOMM? :) )

So, this summer, use these tips to keep your precious electronics safe from a major meltdown:

hot electronics

  • Out and about for the day? Keep your phone, camera and other electronics with you—don’t leave them in the car. However, avoid storing them in your pockets. If possible, a purse or backpack is a better option.
  • Spending the day in the sun? Place your phone in the shade, preferably under a light colored towel or blanket.
  • Running in and out? Don’t subject your gadgets to extreme temperature changes. Bringing a phone, laptop or other electronic from a 90-something degree sunny day to a well air-conditioned room is a great way to moisten the interior of your gadgets—not something you want. Let them transition gradually.
  • Carrying multiple gadgets? Keep them separated. Since electronics conduct heat individually, stacking them intensifies that heat. Separating gadgets will allow air flow to keep gadgets comfortably cool.

Do you have other tips for keeping gadgets safe this summer? Leave them below!

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Top 3 Features of the BlackBerry PlayBook

Here at ZOMM we love technology, and we’re pretty sure you do to (why else would you be reading our tech-laden blog?). So as a proclaimed tech-lover, it’s likely you’re either reading this blog on your tablet or daydreaming about the day you’ll have a tablet on which you can read your favorite tech blogs.

We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s a new tablet on the block… The Blackberry Playbook — and it’s giving other tablets a run for their money. Check out these top three features and decide for yourself if this tablet will fit your lifestyle.


  1. Full Adobe Flash Capabilities: Because the PlayBook offers full Adobe Flash software, you can now search the entire web and experience the better part of the web. There are many websites that are created using flash or use flash software to play a certain detail of the site. With the PlayBook, you can access this information with ease. Another great aspect of using Flash is that it makes navigating the web on the PlayBook much smoother.
  2. Wirelessly connects to BlackBerry: You can now wirelessly connect your blackberry smartphone to the PlayBook for real time access to email, calendar, contacts, documents and BBM. There is an app called the BlackBerry Bridge, which you can download for the PlayBook and your smartphone. Install this and you can connect both the phone and the PlayBook and update on both products in real time. After they are synced, they will be updated automatically whenever there is a change in either the phone or the PlayBook.
  3. Multitasking Capability: Yes, you read that right. The PlayBook has the ability to run multiple apps at once even audio along with games, documents, web and whatever else you can think of. No difficulties have been found with running multitasking options, can you imagine the possibilities?

Thinking about buying a tablet? Comment below and let us know which one you like and your comparisons.

Friday, January 7th, 2011

See ZOMM in action with Hands-On ZOMM Reviews

ZOMM co-founder and CEO Henry Penix always says, “The fact that the ZOMM Wireless Leash is the first of its kind is a good and a bad thing…”

And he’s exactly right. Our Wireless Leash is a young and unique product. That makes it hard to explain, in words alone, just how it works. That’s why we’ve taken the time to create numerous videos demonstrating how to use ZOMM.

However, we also understand that it can be nice to get the opinion of a real-life ZOMM user (outside of our company). So here are a few user reviews that we have seen on YouTube:

Still have questions about how ZOMM works? Feel free to leave a comment below or contact us through our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Conference Calls Anytime, Anywhere with ZOMM

ZOMM‘s speakerphone, with noise-canceling microphone, is great for on-the-go calls, especially while driving. However, did you know that ZOMM is also a great option for conference calls? CEO Henry Penix and the rest of the ZOMM team demonstrate a simple conference call via ZOMM in this video:

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Typical Mac User Features ZOMM

The new ZOMM Wireless Leash – Alarm. A neat gadget for an older guy like me

As I was cruising Twitter yesterday my friend Cali Lewis (@calilewis) tweeted that John Pozadzides (@johnpoz) was “showing off the Zomm at dinner.” Ok, what the heck is a Zomm? I was intrigued and went the their web site www.zomm.comto look at this gadget I’d never heard of. You see it seems that since I turned about 45 my memory is not one of my strongest attributes. I often forget my iPhone in the house, or I panic because I think I have lost it but left it in the house. As I read about what the Zomm could do for $79.99 US., I thought maybe this is the answer to this problem.

As if we needed more proof that we live in the future we now have the Zomm. It a part Blue-tooth speakerphone, “wireless leash,” and panic button. I saw on their site that it was available at Best Buy so I went over this morning and bought one. I usually request a review unit, but given my propensity to loose things, I could not wait.

At first I thought it would be too big and the last thing I wanted was another huge dongle in my pocket. I was happily surprised that the Zomm is about the size of an old silver dollar and weighs barely a quarter of an ounce. So that for me is not a problem. I had to charge the unit for about two hours before using it, but after a very user friendly activation process (via an OS X app) the device worked just as advertised.

So here is how the Zomm works as a wireless leash. After pairing with your cell phone, it sounds an alarm, first vibrating, then flashing, and finally beeping loudly,whenever it loses the Blue-tooth link (usually at around 30 feet). I took a walk outside and about the time I got to the middle of the street sure enough I knew I did not have my iPhone 4.

So for an older guy like me the Zomm is going to keep me from forgetting my phone at home, work, or anywhere I might leave it lying around. That for me is worth the price of this device along. Now I just have to remember not to lose my keys. The Zomm also vibrates, flashes, and beeps whenever a call comes in. That’s a real advantage as sometimes I don’t feel my iPhone 4 when its on vibrate only mode.

Read the full review

Friday, July 23rd, 2010


Ready, set, road trip!
10 accessories to keep your summer trip rolling

The Fourth of July fireworks are over and Labor Day will be here before you know it. And since no one knows what the economy’s going to do, you might as well pack up the gang and hit the road.

The 10 accessories below can help keep you on track and, perhaps, provide a little fun along the way.

Remember Gray Powell, the Apple employee who accidentally left that prototype iPhone 4G in a bar a few months ago? Too bad he didn’t have a Zomm ($80). Essentially a Wireless Leash™, the Oreo-sized, Bluetooth-based unit beeps, flashes and vibrates anytime you and your phone get more than 30 feet apart. It also works as a speakerphone and panic button — and will surprise the heck out of the most brazen pickpocket.

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Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Los Angeles Times Features ZOMM

Travel gear: Wireless leash keeps your cellphone from wandering

Worried about losing your cell phone? For $79.99, you can buy some peace of mind.

ZOMM is a wireless “leash,” alarm and speakerphone that uses Bluetooth technology to pair with a cellphone. When ZOMM and your cellphone are separated by 30 feet or more, ZOMM vibrates, then its lights flash and finally its alarm sounds. It sounds like something that Apple should hand out to employees, given how often iPhone prototypes show up in the wrong hands. (Yes, it works with iPhones.)

The device also has a built-in panic feature to activate for help, which I find comforting as a solo traveler. If you keep depressing the panic button, it will make your cell phone dial 9-1-1 or another emergency number that you specify. ZOMM is designed to pair with any Bluetooth phone.

Read the full article

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