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Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Keep Your Children Safe – Alternate Uses for ZOMM Wireless Leash

As you probably already know, ZOMM is a Wireless Leash designed to keep you from forgetting your cell phone. It also serves as a Bluetooth speakerphone and personal safety device. However, outside of the marketed uses for ZOMM, many parents have told us they use the ZOMM to keep track of their children.

In light of this spring’s annual National Safe Kids Week, we wanted to share these alternate uses of our Wireless Leash. Keep reading to find out how ZOMM can keep your toddlers and teens safe…

keep kids safe

Though my kids are all grown up now, I can remember the days of having three little ones running three different directions. So it made perfect sense when I saw parents using ZOMMs on their toddlers.

Here’s how: Stick a ZOMM in your little one’s pocket, or attach the keychain to his belt loop, and if he happens to stray out of range, the ZOMM will begin to beep, letting you know your little tike has gotten away.

The uses for ZOMM are a bit more obvious for teens. Since many children are getting cell phones as teens (or even tweens), getting them a ZOMM will protect them twofold. First, it provides a layer of protection from losing the cell phone you (or they) bought. And second, it puts a panic alarm in their hand and 911 one-button push away. What parent wouldn’t feel comforted by that?

During National Safe Kids Week, we hope you’ll take the time to talk to your children about being safe—whether it’s walking to school, riding a bike or driving a car.

Do you have safety tips to share with fellow parents? Start the discussion in the comments section!

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Stay Safe on Spring Break with ZOMM


In between road tripping, flight scheduling and hotel booking, Spring Break safety can easily get lost in the excitement. Here at ZOMM we want your Spring Break to be filled with great memories–but we also want you to be safe! These quick tips to can help you stay protected (and your parents a bit less worried) during your days off:

  • Know where you are. Figure out basic information before you travel, so you can relax while on vacation. Make sure you know the address of your hotel and leave that information with family or friends back home. Program your hotel’s phone number, a reliable cab service and the local emergency number into your phone as well. That way, in case something unfortunate should happen, you’ll be prepared.
  • Keep your cell phone with you at all times. Remember when your parents bought you your first cell phone to use only in the case of an emergency? Well the same still applies. Keep your phone charged and with you at all times, in case you need to contact someone. It also never hurts to have an extra layer of protection with our Wireless Leash.
  • Have a plan. Make a simple schedule every morning and exchange it with your friends. That way, if you don’t show up for dinner, they will know to contact you.
  • Use the Buddy System. You learned it in Kindergarten, and it still applies today. If you are on Spring Break with a group of friends, you don’t have to stay with the group the entire time. However, you should always be with at least one other person – never travel alone.
  • Drink water. Staying hydrated keeps you energized and focused—two important necessities for staying safe (and making good decisions).
  • Use a personal safety device. While we truly hope it isn’t needed during your Spring Break, the personal safety aspect of ZOMM includes a panic alarm and emergency call feature, so you can scare off perpetrators and call 911 with the touch of a button.

Just remember: whether you’re lying on the beach, skiing the slopes or staying local, it’s always important to think of safety first. From the ZOMM team, have a fun (and safe!) Spring Break!

Have any additional spring break safety tips? We’d love to hear how you plan to stay safe on Spring Break!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Protect Yourself with the ZOMM Panic Alarm

While we hope you’re never in a sketchy situation like the one seen here, it never hurts to be prepared. Not only will ZOMM prevent you from losing your phone, but it can also protect you from unwanted visitors.

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Happy Fall – Enjoy Free Shipping From ZOMM!

Summer is officially over. And that means fall is here. With fall comes cooler weather, colorful leaves in the yard and pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. Well, around here we love fall, and decided to add a little something to the mix…

For a limited time only we are offering FREE SHIPPING on any and all orders made through!

ZOMM Free shipping

Since ZOMM works via Bluetooth connection, you don’t need a smartphone in order to use it! Therefore ZOMM makes a great gift for anyone with a (Bluetooth-capable) cell phone, which is pretty much everyone. Whether it’s an elderly parent who lives alone, a young woman living on a college campus or a businessman who’s prone to losing his phone, everyone can benefit from ZOMM.

So if you’re buying a ZOMM for yourself or as a gift, now’s the time to get your hands on one, because FREE SHIPPING is for a limited time only!

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Campus Safety is No Elementary Matter

Campus safety. A topic covered at most colleges and universities during “campus safety week” but often forgotten soon after. However, no college campus is immune to crime, so it’s important to take steps to keep safe.

Safety First with ZOMM

Campus Safety Tips

  • Be knowledgeable of your campus safety policy. Know who to contact in the case of an emergency.
  • Avoid walking alone on campus at night. Remember the buddy system you learned in grade school? It still applies.
  • Always let someone know where you’re going and when you plan to be back. It’s a simple measure – leave a note or text for your roommate if they aren’t home when you leave.
  • Lock your door when you leave your dorm or apartment. It takes only a couple seconds and can save you hours of problems.
  • Purchase a personal safety device such as a ZOMM that is equipped with a panic alarm and emergency call feature. The panic alarm on ZOMM will scare off perpetrators, and in the case something happens, the emergency calling feature puts 911 at the touch of a single button.

Whether you’re a student returning to campus or headed there for the first time, make sure you keep these campus safety tips in mind. We hope you don’t ever have to deal with something like this on campus, but as our mothers’ taught us all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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