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Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Tech Toys for Today’s Modern Tot… with a Traditional Twist

New technology is constantly changing and evolving the way we live. This new technology is perhaps most profoundly affecting younger generations born into this new tech world. Dolls now come with USB ports and toddlers can operate iPads better, faster, and more effectively than their adult counterparts.

Here we’re taking a special look at toys for today’s tech-driven tots with a traditional twist. These toys aim to familiarize children with the thought process behind technology without bombarding kids with the technology itself.

Traditional toy blocks in iPhone form

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  1. Laurie Ipsum” is a children’s book written by Carlos Bueno, a Facebook engineer. It does not attempt to teach children any specific technical skills, but rather, how to think like a computer programmer. The main character, Laurie Ipsum, is lost in Userland and she must use logic and reason to overcome challenges and find her way home. Naturally, Laurie Ipsum is available in digital form for Nook, Kindle, and iBook, as well as in paperback.
  2. The wooden iPhone is the modern mother’s answer to the pacifier. It’s the perfect size to chewed on but not ingested—and best of all, it’s not actually the expensive technological device. The techy baby can slobber all over his/her stylish smartphone without worry that Mom might be upset.
  3. Russian dolls take a turn for the techy with this set that teaches children the sequencing from a terabyte down to a bit. The exact same form and function of a traditional set, the 6-piece tech Russian Doll set will help lay a foundation for children to think in technological scale.

What tech-inspired toy would you have liked as a child?      

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

The Most Popular Electronic Device in America: the Television or the Mobile Phone?

Question: Would you guess more Americans own a television or a mobile phone?

Televisions, of course, have been an American mainstay and status symbol since the mid-1900’s.

On In the other hand, the mobile phone has quickly risen as a must-have technological accessory in recent years. In fact, today’s smartphone, with its bigger and better screen and video viewing capabilities, increasingly resembles a miniature television.

Answer: As drastically as the American media landscape has changed in the last two decades, the mobile phone has not overtaken the television as the most commonly owned electronic device in the U.S.

According to a January 2012 Nielsen report on media usage, 232 million Americans over the age of 13 own a mobile phone, while 290 million own at least one television. In fact, over one-third (35.9%) of American households own four or more televisions!

Check out the following infographic for more interesting facts.

How long until the cell phone overtakes the television? Or do you think it ever will? 


ZOMM reports on Nielsen's findings on American media usage.

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Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

4 Common Gadgets Being Replaced by Smartphones

Smartphones are completely ingenious; there’s no question about it. As they continue to gain popularity, though, some other gadgets aren’t faring so well. When you have a handheld device that can do some many things, it’s only natural that other devices will fade to black.

Take these four common gadgets for example:

Digital Cameras

Nearly all smartphone owners use their phone to take photos. The 8-megapixel camera in the iPhone 4S is just as good as, and in some cases better, than digital cameras.

GPS Devices

Mounting your smartphone in your car while you drive is the same as using a portable GPS system—and you don’t have to pay $200 extra for it.

iPods/mp3 players

Very few people want to actually carry around an iPod and a phone. When you can load your entire music library on to your phone, why bother with both?

Standard wristwatches

No, we don’t think watches will go away completely. However, between using a smartphone to check the time and the development of Android-based watches and wristbands for iPod Nano, the watch as we know it may be history.

As these devices make their way out, we’re especially interested to see what new innovations come about. The evolution of technology never ceases to amaze us.

Have you phased out any of these gadgets in your life? Are there others your smartphone has replaced?

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

4 Gadgets to Check out in 2012

Being two months into the New Year, it is time to review what gadgets you should know about in 2012. We have researched all the new electronics on the market and below you will find our list of the new must-have devices. Trust us, you aren’t going to want to miss out on these.

1.The Energizer Inductive Charger

For all of those people who can’t stand clutter, have limited space, or lose chargers this product is a must have. This charger takes away the need for different multiple chargers and chords. All you have to do is set your phone face down on this pad and voila, it is recharged. The best part is the Inductive Charger can charge up to three different devices all at one, saving you space and time.

2. ZOMM’s Wireless Leash

The hardest decision to make about this product is whether you will purchase it in pink, white, or black. If you accidentally leave your phone somewhere, our Wireless Leash sounds an alarm reminding you to get your phone. Press one button and be connected with 911. And, last but not least, the Wireless Leash allows you to answer all calls safely with just one press of a button.

3.Roku Streaming Stick

This little gadget would make a great gift and is reasonably priced. This device plugs into a port on newer televisions allowing instant access to sites such as Netflix and Pandora. The streaming stick doesn’t require power and boasts built-in wifi.

4. PowerSkin Spare One

Although this may not be the coolest or most innovative product it should certainly be a staple in your household for any emergency that may occur. SpareOne is a non-chargeable cell phone that is powered simply by an AA battery. The Spare One phone can stay charged for up to 15 years and has 10 hours of talk time from one single battery.


What’s the coolest gadget you’ve seen so far this year?

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Back-to-School Cool: The Biggest Back-to-School Trends and Deals!

Remember when back-to-school shopping was fun? Back when your kids were younger and excited for school to start – or maybe when you were young and mom and dad footed the bill? Well, we want to make this seasonal pastime fun again! Here are some of our favorite back-to-school trends and deals!

Flash Drives

This year’s must-have school supplies item? The flash drive. With more and more computer-focused work, the flash drive is becoming almost as mainstream as mechanical pencils. But just because they’re common doesn’t mean any old flash drive will do. This back-to-school season kids are asking for flash drives resembling everything from animals to their favorite comic book characters.

Looking for a great deal on basic flash drives for the whole family? At Walmart you can pickup 4GB USB Drives for only $7.99 a piece!


When it comes to calculators, it’s not all about addition and subtraction any more! If your students are like many, they’ll be going back to school with graphing calculators instead of just rulers and protractors. If one of these tech-savvy adding devices is on your back-to-school list, consider picking it up at Office Max where you can save as much as $10 on the purchase of a Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus SE Graphing Calculator.

Back to Basics

How about all those must-have items for elementary-aged students like glue sticks, scissors and folders? Office Depot has all these back to school essentials on sale – some for as little as 50 cents!


If you’re looking for a laptop for back-to-school, the MacBook Air and Samsung Series 9 are popular picks.  Both are lightweight and boot up quickly – good features for students moving from class to class. The Samsung Series 9 also offers a 160-degree viewing screen, great for group work!

If you have a college student, you can even get a special deal when purchasing a Mac this season – $100 to spend on the Mac App Store.

Back-to-School Apps

For high school and college bound students, the most exciting back-to-school tools might come in the form of smartphone apps. If your student is headed back to school with an iPhone, consider encouraging them to download Stanza. This free app gives students access to more than 30,000 classic books, the kind of books that typically appear on classroom reading lists.

If your student is toting a smartphone with an Android operating system, consider encouraging them to download Evernote, an easy-to-use note taking application. They might also want to consider downloading the new myZOMM app for Android, because no one wants to lose their phone – especially not one with notes saved on it!

How do you and your family prepare for back-to-school? What are your kids’ must-haves for the upcoming school year?

Monday, April 4th, 2011

ZOMM Featured in Miami Herald

Gear + Gadgets

Cellphone nanny

   Zomm Wireless Leash
Zomm Wireless Leash

By Judi Dash

Special to The Miami Herald

Bzzz, flash, screech — that’s your cell phone being left behind. Well, actually, that’s the new ZOMM Wireless Leash, a little round keychain-sized device that, when activated, uses Bluetooth technology to detect and sound an alert when you and your Bluetooth-enabled cellphone become separated by 20 to 40 feet. The Bluetooth connection also lets the ZOMM act as a speakerphone, so you can answer an out-of-reach phone with the press of a button. A built-in panic-button feature lets you initiate a piercing alarm, and auto dials 911. Alas, it can’t keep the phone battery going or boost reception. But stay tuned.

Zomm Wireless Leash is $79.99 at; 888-821-0888

Read original article here

Monday, March 21st, 2011

ZOMM Featured in Los Angeles Times

Cell phone panic: This alerts you if you’ve left yours behind

If you leave your cellphone behind, this device will alert you.

By Judi Dash special to the Times

Bzzz, flash, screech — that’s your cellphone being left behind.

Well, actually, that’s the new Zomm Wireless Leash ($99.99), a little round keychain-sized device that, when activated, uses Bluetooth technology to detect and sound an alert if you and your Bluetooth-enabled cellphone become separated by 20 to 40 feet.

A built-in panic button lets you initiate a piercing alarm and auto-dials 911.

Info: (888) 821-0888, Zomm

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

World’s Largest Cell Phone and Other Guinness World Records

Do you know anyone that doesn’t have a cell phone? People without one are hard to come by. Given that billions of people use cell phones on a daily basis, it’s not hard to believe that the Guinness World Records have taken notice. We came across these cell phone-related world records and couldn’t wait to share them with you!

GWR logo

World’s Most Durable Cell Phone Number

Who: David Contorno
Where: United States
When: August 2, 1985
What: David has had the same cell phone number since August 2, 1985. His carrier has always been (and always will be?) Ameritech Mobile Communications.

World’s Most Expensive Cell Phone
Who: Vertu (subsidiary of Nokia)
Where: France
When: January 21, 2002
What: The Signature Vertu launched in Paris in 2002. Available with nine different metal finishes, the Signature ranges from $9.980 to $46,650 per phone. Why so expensive? The $46,650 model is Platinum diamond and decorated with a .25 carat solitaire diamond.

World’s Largest (Functioning) Cell Phone
Who: Cricket Communications/Samsung Mobile
Where: United States
When: March 21, 2009
What: Cricket Communications created a scaled-up Samsung SCH-r450 Messager phone. The sliding phone measures 15 x 11.2 x 2.5 ft. Don’t believe it? Check out the photo:

Largest cell phone

World’s Highest Cell Phone Call
Who: Rod Baber
Where: Nepal
When: May 21, 2007
What: Rob Baber used a Motorola MOTO to place a call from the summit of Mt. Everest, 29,029 feet above sea level.

Farthest Cell Phone Throw by an Individual (male)
Who: Chris Hughff
Where: United Kingdom
When: 2007
What: Chris Hughff threw a cell phone 314 feet, 5 inches, at the 2007 UK Mobile Throwing Championships.

Think you can challenge any of these records? Visit Guinness World Records website and apply to set a record today!

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Typical Mac User Features ZOMM

The new ZOMM Wireless Leash – Alarm. A neat gadget for an older guy like me

As I was cruising Twitter yesterday my friend Cali Lewis (@calilewis) tweeted that John Pozadzides (@johnpoz) was “showing off the Zomm at dinner.” Ok, what the heck is a Zomm? I was intrigued and went the their web site www.zomm.comto look at this gadget I’d never heard of. You see it seems that since I turned about 45 my memory is not one of my strongest attributes. I often forget my iPhone in the house, or I panic because I think I have lost it but left it in the house. As I read about what the Zomm could do for $79.99 US., I thought maybe this is the answer to this problem.

As if we needed more proof that we live in the future we now have the Zomm. It a part Blue-tooth speakerphone, “wireless leash,” and panic button. I saw on their site that it was available at Best Buy so I went over this morning and bought one. I usually request a review unit, but given my propensity to loose things, I could not wait.

At first I thought it would be too big and the last thing I wanted was another huge dongle in my pocket. I was happily surprised that the Zomm is about the size of an old silver dollar and weighs barely a quarter of an ounce. So that for me is not a problem. I had to charge the unit for about two hours before using it, but after a very user friendly activation process (via an OS X app) the device worked just as advertised.

So here is how the Zomm works as a wireless leash. After pairing with your cell phone, it sounds an alarm, first vibrating, then flashing, and finally beeping loudly,whenever it loses the Blue-tooth link (usually at around 30 feet). I took a walk outside and about the time I got to the middle of the street sure enough I knew I did not have my iPhone 4.

So for an older guy like me the Zomm is going to keep me from forgetting my phone at home, work, or anywhere I might leave it lying around. That for me is worth the price of this device along. Now I just have to remember not to lose my keys. The Zomm also vibrates, flashes, and beeps whenever a call comes in. That’s a real advantage as sometimes I don’t feel my iPhone 4 when its on vibrate only mode.

Read the full review

Friday, August 6th, 2010

ABC News Features ZOMM on Nationally Televised Segment

Latest Summer Gadgets

Tech guru Greg Harper on summer’s hottest products

Watch the video on ABC News

  • ZOMM Loves Female Innovators

    As many know, ZOMM was invented by Laurie Penix, the mom of the Penix family. Laurie recalls being on the treadmill, watching Oprah, when a phone call from a girlfriend inspired her to look further into the idea of a wireless leash. Inspired by Laurie’s innovation, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find some of the other top mompreneurs to share with – and hopefully inspire – everyone....

  • Keep Your Children Safe – Alternate Uses for ZOMM Wireless Leash

    In light of this spring’s annual National Safe Kids Week, we wanted to share these alternate uses of our Wireless Leash. Keep reading to find out how ZOMM can keep your toddlers and teens safe…...

  • A Lot Can Happen in a Year! ZOMM 2010 Wrap-up

    2010 has come and gone! Here's ZOMM's 201 Wrap-up....

  • Latest ZOMM Happenings

    As usual, things have been super busy in the ZOMM headquarters this fall. We’ve been busy traveling to conferences like Opencamp and shows like CTIA’s Mobile Focus in order to spread the word about ZOMM....

  • ZOMM = A Mother’s Peace of Mind

    With my two girls being on their own this summer, I felt better knowing they had their ZOMMs. I knew that with a ZOMM in hand, they would drive safer by using the call notification and speakerphone feature. ...