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Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Tech Toys for Today’s Modern Tot… with a Traditional Twist

New technology is constantly changing and evolving the way we live. This new technology is perhaps most profoundly affecting younger generations born into this new tech world. Dolls now come with USB ports and toddlers can operate iPads better, faster, and more effectively than their adult counterparts.

Here we’re taking a special look at toys for today’s tech-driven tots with a traditional twist. These toys aim to familiarize children with the thought process behind technology without bombarding kids with the technology itself.

Traditional toy blocks in iPhone form

Photo courtesy of


  1. Laurie Ipsum” is a children’s book written by Carlos Bueno, a Facebook engineer. It does not attempt to teach children any specific technical skills, but rather, how to think like a computer programmer. The main character, Laurie Ipsum, is lost in Userland and she must use logic and reason to overcome challenges and find her way home. Naturally, Laurie Ipsum is available in digital form for Nook, Kindle, and iBook, as well as in paperback.
  2. The wooden iPhone is the modern mother’s answer to the pacifier. It’s the perfect size to chewed on but not ingested—and best of all, it’s not actually the expensive technological device. The techy baby can slobber all over his/her stylish smartphone without worry that Mom might be upset.
  3. Russian dolls take a turn for the techy with this set that teaches children the sequencing from a terabyte down to a bit. The exact same form and function of a traditional set, the 6-piece tech Russian Doll set will help lay a foundation for children to think in technological scale.

What tech-inspired toy would you have liked as a child?      

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Four Theories About the Future of Mobile Devices

We recently recounted the top five rumors regarding the next generation iPhone 5. Complete with a rumored Liquidmetal casing, we got to thinking: if five months’ time promises space age Liquidmetal, what will the cell phone be like in, say… 20 years?

Of course, when one considers the astonishingly rapid evolution of the mobile phone in just the last 5 years, these ideas are little more than baseless speculation. Nonetheless, we’ve done a little research and these are our four favorite theories:

  1. One “futurologist” thinks the handsets of today will be deconstructed. One apparatus for touch input, another for visual display, and another for audio. This “complete physical interface” will blur the lines between digital, virtual, and real. Very sci-fi, right?
  2. Our mobile gadgets will be more durable because cloud-computing technology will take the processing strain off the device itself. Product life cycles will be longer and manufacturers will refocus on a more sustainable product experience. Another theorist believes they’ll be bendable and somehow utilize projection technology.
  3. Artificial intelligence will dominate. Think Siri—but better and smarter. These “data guardians” will pick and choose the information that reaches users based on a very intimate knowledge their lives and interests—yes, the kind of knowledge advertisers would kill for.
  4. The user experience will be healthier. New designs will free up users’ aching wrists and thumbs. The artificial intelligence will make the experience more efficient so users will spend less time consumed by these devices. And they’ll incorporate more medical diagnostic hardware so user health will be monitored in real time.

Of course, regardless of its form and functionality, you’ll want to keep your mobile device close at-hand, today and 20 years from now.That’s why we invented the ZOMM Wireless Leash.

What other space age features would you like to see included in mobile devices of the future? 

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

5 Productivity-Inducing iPhone Apps

Life is hectic. Sometimes, in all the chaos, it’s hard to actually get anything done. However, like all things in the world, there’s even an app (or several) for the productivity-challenged. Today we rounded up five iPhone apps that are sure to get you back on the productivity train.

A list of our top 5 iPhone apps for increasing productivity.
Photo Cred:
1. Clear
Keep yourself organized (and therefore more productive) with this list-keeping app. The simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to put things on a list…and check them off when you’re finished.

2. eWallet
These days, life involves a lot of passwords. Nothing slows you down (and frustrates you) more than not being able to login to your accounts because you can’t remember the password. eWallet uses 256-bit AES encryption to securely store your passwords, account information and card numbers.

3. Bump Pay
After a dinner with friends, who wants to take the time to count out (or actually has) the cash to split the bill? With Bump Pay you can easily transfer money from your PayPal account to a friend’s—with a fist pound.

4. Quick Office
Ever wish you could edit documents during the train ride to work? Maybe you need to have access to Word or Excel documents while away from your desk. That’s what Quick Office allows—create, view and edit Microsoft Office files from your iPhone.

5. myZOMM for iPhone
It’s hard to be productive if you can’t find your keys or don’t remember where you parked your car. Pair your iPhone with a ZOMM Wireless Leash Plus and the myZOMM app to get instant alerts if you walk away from your keys. Tag items, such as a parking spot or business, and get instant directions to that location when you’re ready to return.

 The ZOMM wireless leash app for iPhone.The ZOMM wireless leash app for iPhone.

Feeling more productive yet?

What’s your favorite productivity app?

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

The Lost Cell Phone Project

Have you ever lost your cell phone? If you found it—did someone else return it to you? Was it in the hands of a stranger for a period of time?

Apparently, most Americans would have rummaged through that lost phone of yours. Symantec recently conducted a study where they lost smartphones on purpose. The phones were bugged with tracking and logging software that kept track of where the phones went and what information was accessed.

lost phone study
From an article on MSNBC about the study:

“To spice up the test, the phones had an obvious file named ‘contacts,’ making it easy for any finder to connect with the phone’s rightful owner.   But the phones also offered tempting files, with names like ‘banking information,’ and ‘HR files.’  

Some 43 percent of finders clicked on an app labeled ‘online banking.’ And 53 percent clicked on a filed named ‘HR salaries.’ A file named ‘saved passwords’ was opened by 57 percent of finders. Social networking tools and personal e-mail were checked by 60 percent. And a folder labeled ‘private photos’ tempted 72 percent.

Collectively, 89 percent of finders clicked on something they probably shouldn’t have.

Meanwhile, only 50 percent of finders offered to return the gadgets, even though the owner’s name was listed clearly within the contacts file”

The results are pretty shocking to us—especially when you realize that most, if not all, of the lost phone finders weren’t criminals. These were normal, everyday people who found a lost phone and decided to snoop.

So how can you prevent this from happening to you? First, you can set a passcode on your phone—half to three quarters of people don’t take this simple step that adds a layer of protection. Second, you can invest in a device that prevents phone loss. Our Wireless Leash is made especially to make sure you don’t ever find yourself without your phone.

How do you protect your phone from being lost?


Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

7 Tweetable Facts about Americans’ Cell Phone Usage

PEW recently did a study on Americans and their use of cell phones. The results are interesting, although not all that surprising. We’ve condensed the report into our seven favorite facts, and made them perfectly tweetable for you!

tweetable cell phone facts


Which fact do you find the most interesting? Click the link after it to automatically tweet it!

  1. 40% of mobile phone owners have found their phone helpful in an emergency situation. [Tweet]
  2. Sometimes we need a break. 29% of Americans turn their cell phone off just to take a break from it. [Tweet]
  3. 27% of Americans have had trouble doing something in the last month because they did not have their cell phone at hand. [Tweet]
  4. Do you take photos or send text message with your phone? You’re not alone—so do 90% of American smartphone owners. [Tweet]
  5. Bored no more: 42% of Americans have used their phone to defeat boredom. [Tweet]
  6. 44% of phone owners (cell or smart) use their mobile to access the World Wide Web. [Tweet]
  7. Cell phones allow us to avoid human interaction—13% of owners have used a phone to avoid awkward situations. [Tweet]

Did any of these facts surprise you?

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

America Recycles Day – Recycling Your Electronics

If you’re like most of us here at ZOMM, you’ve probably upgraded your cell phone multiple times over the past few years. Most of those old phones (especially if you’ve been using a ZOMM Wireless Leash to avoid losing them) are probably sitting in a drawer or closet somewhere. It’s not just cell phones either—it’s all types of electronics. How many old iPods, cell phones, printers or other gadgets do you have?

recycle electronics
In honor of today being America Recycles Day, we’ve compiled a few ways for you to recycle those old or unused electronics:

Donate Them

There are multiple programs out to which you can donate gently-used cell phones. One such program is called Cell Phones for Soldiers. Established in 2004 by teen siblings Rob and Brittany Bergquist, Cell Phones for Soldiers collects gently-used cell phones in order to provide a cost-free method of communication to deployed troops. Donate your phone.

A similar program is the 911 Cell Phone Bank, which collects phones to help make sure everyone has access to law enforcement in the time of an emergency. You can learn more on their website:

 Recycle Them

Best Buy accepts electronics of all kinds to be recycled. This includes things like TVs, cell phones, DVD players and AV cables. No matter where you’ve purchased your electronics, you can recycle them at Best Buy. Check out their FAQ for more details.

Sell Them

If you want to make a little cash while recycling your gadgets, you can check out companies like NextWorth, Gazelle or even Apple. Typically with these sites you’ll fill out a short evaluation of your device, send it in, and receive a check or gift card in a week or so.


This is just a few ways that you can recycle your electronics. For more opportunities in your city, check out this interactive map.


Do you recycle your electronics?

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Cell Phones, Mobile Tech and Texting, Oh My! 4 Insightful Infographics

There are all kinds of information circulating about cell phones, the people that use them and how that’s changed over the years. In order to quickly and easily digest that information, however, we’ve pulled together 4 incredibly insightful infographics about  things like cell phones, mobile tech and texting.

From Brick to Slick: 38 Years of Cell phone Evolution

We all know cell phones have evolved dramatically over the past few decades, yet somehow putting it in this format is incredibly eye-opening. From Dr. Martin Cooper’s unforgettable brick phone (how that was considered portable?) to the new apple of everyone’s eye, the iPhone 4S, take a journey through cell phone time with this infographic:

Evolution of cell phone infographic


How the Millennial Generation Uses Mobile

The Millennial generation is a mobile one, that’s not surprise. Users in that bracket—ages 18 to 34—tend to own multiple Internet-connected devices and a majority of them (62%) are smartphone users. Check out other statistics on this Millennial’s mobile make-up:

millenial cell phone infographic

How Texting is Changing the World

Text messaging is one of the most-used forms of communication today. If you don’t believe it, check out this infographic which boasts that 3 out of 5 humans on Earth are texters. That is more than the entire population of the world just 36 years ago, in 1975!

texting infograhic

Mobile Apps: The Battle of the Sexes

There are plenty of debates about men versus women. This one, however, looks right at mobile use (specifically, mobile advertising). Wondering what kind of smartphone women are more likely to use? And which sex tends to click on mobile ads more? This infographic bares all:

battle of sexes infographic

What’s your favorite mobile-related infographic?

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Cell Phones: the Weird and the Wacky

From the World’s Largest Cell Phone to the Zack Morris Phone and even a gold-plated iPhone, here on our blog we’ve shared some off-the-wall phones with you. However, today we might just have the wildest and wackiest phones yet.

Check out these three bizarre phones from around the world—you just might change your mind about waiting in line for the iPhone 5!

weird phone

A Porsche branded cell phone. The ultimate in speed dialing luxury? We’re not sure, but we can say that this phone is definitely not something you see every day. In 2007, the Porsche cell phone was sold in Hong Kong for $164.

weird phone

From a company called HiPhone comes this iPod Nano look-a-like. While it appears to have a rotary style dial, it actually requires that you press the buttons (unlike the actual Nano). These were popular in China in 2009, so who knows what they’re disguising phones as today.

weird phone

This cell phone has a bonus feature… a stun gun. Yep, press a button and stun away. The stun gun cell phone also includes a flashlight and operates on battery power. As of 2009, the stun gun cell phone retailed for $79.95, but we’re assuming you won’t be able to find a similar model now… This is certainly one approach to safety, but for a better approach, we suggest a Wireless Leash!

These are just a few of the weird and wacky cell phones out there available to purchase, but we want to see some of the more recent models.

Leave us a comment below telling us about the weirdest cell phone you’ve seen (or heard about) lately!

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Cell Phone Addiction: How Serious is it?

In 2006, Jon Markman wrote an article for CNN that started out like this:

“When you get in your car, you reach for it. When you’re at work, you take a break to have a moment alone with it. When you get into an elevator, you fondle it.

Cigarettes? Cup of coffee? Nope, it’s the third most addictive substance in modern life, the cell phone. And experts say it is becoming more difficult for many people to curb their longing to hug it more tightly than most of their personal relationships.

With its shiny surfaces, its sleek and satisfying touch, its mysteries and air of sophistication, the cell phone connects us to the world even as it disconnects us from people three feet away…”

cell phone addiction

And to think, this article was written before the iPhone was released. Cell phones—and particularly smartphones—have come a long, long way since 2006. Along with that, do you think the addiction has worsened?

We love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave a comment below with your answers to these questions:

Are you addicted to your cell phone? Do you think addiction to cell phones (in general) has worsened over the past five years?

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Landlines versus Cell phones: Landlines No More?

Do you remember using that old rotary phone? Or what about having to stand right next to the phone because the cord only reached a few feet? For many, these landline phones are a thing of the past. And for younger generations, they may never know what a home landline looks like!

landline vs cell phone
In 2009, the FCC released a Notice of Inquiry which discussed the possibility of transitioning to an IP-based communications network. AT&T responded, stating “with each passing day, more and more communications services migrate to broadband and IP-based services, leaving the public switched telephone network (“PSTN”) and plain-old telephone service (“POTS”) as relics of a by-gone era.” The mega-corporation said that, “it makes no sense to require service providers to operate and maintain two distinct networks when technology and consumer preferences have made one of them increasingly obsolete.”

Since that notice and response in 2009, the market for landlines has continued to decline. The findings from a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics, show some of the statistics behind the declining number of landline users in the U.S.:

  • More than one-in-four U.S. homes had only a wireless phone as of June 2010, up from 13.6 percent in 2007
  • The percentage of wireless-only homes increased in every state

There are some factors that weigh into the landline vs. cellular debate and can help you make the best choice for your household:

  • Cost factor: many find that the price to keep up both a landline and cellular account is too expensive, and choose to go with a cell phone plan instead
  • Age: generally, it’s more difficult for older generations to make the transition to cellular because it’s unfamiliar technology
  • Safety/emergency situations: When a natural disaster or a nationwide emergency occur, many people use their cell phones to call and check in on loved ones. This can cause the network to run slower, or go down completely. For that reason, it may be beneficial to keep a landline.

If you are a cell phone-only household, it’s probably wise to invest in some “insurance” for that phone–what would you do if you lost it? ZOMM can not only help you keep track of your phone, but provides an easy way to call for help in an emergency.

With all this information, we have to ask: do you still have a landline? Why or why not? 

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