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Monday, January 17th, 2011

ZOMM start-up story featured on MSNBC

Booming Business: Zomm

MSNBC’s Your Business

5:13 | Jan 16, 2011 – There are plenty of big names at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas every year, but small business owners are making their presence known as well. For most companies, the road to CES takes years, but for one small Oklahoma tech startup, it took only months. So how did Zomm do it? It was one part inspiration and one part shear force of will.

See the full video on MSNBC here.

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

ZOMM Opencamp Recap – Parachuting, Demoing and Blogging!

Like most kids, the ZOMM team went to camp this summer. Ours just happened to be a little different.  It is called Opencamp.

ZOMM Titanium Opencamp Sponsor

A few weeks ago we told you about Opencamp, and that ZOMM served as the Titanium Sponsor. Equipped with matching “alarmingly SMART” t-shirts and a customized van, the ZOMM team had a great time as they took over Dallas for the weekend.

The event started out strong on Friday night with a skydiving display by the Army Golden Knights. Opencamp organizer, John Pozadzides, participated in the jump, tethered to one of the soldiers. As if skydiving wasn’t exciting enough, John decided to up the ante…

Mid jump, John pulled out his ZOMM (which was pre-programmed to dial Cali Lewis instead of 911) and made a call. When Cali answered the call, those of us on the ground were able to hear John describe what it was like to be parachuting to the ground—it was incredible!

The Army Golden Knights have been parachuting for 50 years, and never once have that made a call during their descent. It’s pretty amazing to know that the first call was made from a ZOMM! (visit our Facebook page to see a video of John’s reaction to the call.)

Throughout Saturday and Sunday, the ZOMM team demoed the ZOMM Wireless Leash to hundreds of Opencamp goers—and generated a ton of buzz around the multi-featured Bluetooth device. Whether it was the wireless leash, call notification and speakerphone or personal safety aspect, everyone found something appealing about ZOMM.

ZOMM Demo Opencamp

The team is still running off of momentum from the weekend, and can’t wait for our next opportunity to be part of such an exciting event.

Want to learn more about ZOMM’s time at Opencamp? Visit our Flickr, Facebook Page, Twitter or YouTube channel!

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

The “WellConnectedMom” Reviews the ZOMM

Have You Joined the Loser Club?
by Lori Cunningham

{For a chance to win a ZOMM, see the end of this post}

You may recall from my CES 2010: Great Technology Products for Moms article in January, that the ZOMM, was my #1 favorite product from CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The Zomm was created by a mom, Laurie Penix, whose three children were constantly losing their cellphones. ZOMM stands for Zac, Olivia and Madison’s Mom. The ZOMM is a keychain you attach to your keys that connects wirelessly, through Bluetooth, to your cell phone. Should you leave your house, a taxi cab, a restaurant, the gym, etc. without your phone, the ZOMM, will set off an alarm to alert you that you are leaving your phone behind. I had the opportunity to talk with Laurie at CES as a member of the press.

Click here for the giveaway details and to read the full article

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Company Backgrounder

ZOMM is the world’s first Bluetooth® wireless leash for mobile phones, with call notification, speakerphone functionality and personal security. It is the brainchild of Laurie Penix, a mother of three, who kept hearing her kids and friends complain about their lost mobile phones. Together with her husband, Henry, they created ZOMM.

Before being unveiled to the world, ZOMM won a “best of innovation” award from a prestigious panel of judges from The Consumer Electronic Association.

The award will be accepted when ZOMM is unveiled to the world at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, January 5th, 2010. This momentum will propel ZOMM to a global brand and household name.

Past award winners include industry leaders such as: Sony, Nokia, Samsung, Panasonic and others, giving ZOMM instant credibility.

ZOMM is one of those products that makes everyone who hears about it say, “I should have thought of that”.

It is that simplicity; coupled with such a vast need among 2 billion Bluetooth enabled mobile phone users worldwide that will make ZOMM a global “must have” for every Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

To create an award-winning product, you must have an award winning team. Some of the world’s leading professionals have been assembled to create a world-class user experience with ZOMM. From England to Hong Kong and Seattle to China, ZOMM’s dream team has compiled thousands of hours in bringing a smart, stable and highly marketable product to market.

ZOMM is not a gimmick, but fills a need in one of the most aggressively expanding markets in the world… mobile phones.

Monday, January 4th, 2010

ZOMM, The World’s First Wireless Leash for the Mobile Phone, Unveiled at CES


TULSA, Okla. (Jan. 4, 2010) – With billions of mobile phones being used worldwide, thousands of people walk away and accidentally leave their phone behind on a daily basis. ZOMM has created the solution.

ZOMM, a wireless leash for any Bluetooth-enabled phone, will sound an alarm if you walk away from your mobile phone, notifying you to turn around. The award-winning device also features call notification with speakerphone, a panic alarm and a feature that allows you to call emergency assistance from anywhere in the world with just one press of a button.

“Mobile phones are packed full of personal information and confidential business communication, so losing one is a nightmare for most people,” said Henry Penix, co-founder of ZOMM. “My wife originally thought of ZOMM to prevent our family from leaving our phones at restaurants or coffee shops. With the added features of call notification and personal security, it became a “must-have” companion for every mobile phone we own.”

ZOMM is smaller than a normal electronic car key and easily attaches to a key ring. It fits comfortably in your pocket or purse and can even attach to a piece of clothing or workout gear. Similar in diameter to a poker chip, ZOMM features a single button for ease of use, LED lights for visual notifications, a microphone for two-way communications and a speaker for audible alerts including full speakerphone functionality.

As a wireless leash to your mobile phone, ZOMM sends an alert if you ever accidentally leave your mobile phone behind. With call notification, ZOMM will vibrate, flash lights and provide a sound alert for incoming calls when your mobile phone is out of sight; in a purse, gym bag or in a noisy environment. To answer a call just press a button and ZOMM is a fully functioning speakerphone. To send to voice mail, just press the multifunction button twice.

As a personal security device, ZOMM will sound a panic alarm and/or call for emergency assistance from anywhere in the world with just one press of a button. With its speakerphone capabilities, you can speak to emergency personnel without ever touching your mobile phone.

ZOMM is a device that not only keeps your mobile phone secure, but also helps keep you and your family safe,” said Laurie Penix, ZOMM’s co-founder. “With two kids in college and a senior in high school, I feel better knowing they have a panic alarm that sounds an ear piercing alert to fend off a would-be attacker, AND calls emergency assistance if they choose.”

Award Winning
ZOMM is taking the consumer electronic industry by storm, having won the 2010 International CES “The Best of Innovations” Award. The competition honors outstanding design and engineering in consumer electronics products from around the world. Entrants are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade press. Past award winners include; Samsung, Nokia, Panasonic and many other world brands and household names.

ZOMM will be available for retail in the second quarter of 2010, in both black and white color options. It uses a lithium-ion battery with a single charge lasting approximately three days. ZOMM also comes with a standard micro USB wall charger, a micro USB charger that connects with any computer (for updates and activation) and optional clips for ease of use.

About ZOMM
ZOMM is the world’s first Bluetooth wireless leash for mobile phones, with call notification and personal security. It is the brainchild of Laurie Penix, a mother of three, who kept hearing her kids and friends complain about their lost mobile phones. Together with her husband, Henry, they created ZOMM. And, for added safety for her and her family, the panic alarm and the ability to call emergency assistance from anywhere in the world was an added bonus.

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