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Monday, June 6th, 2011

Mobile Technology Invades Healthcare

Today, one of the fastest-growing trends in mobile technology is its spread into the health sector. Each day new ways are discovered to improve the health of everyday people by utilizing mobile technologies.

While there’s a rise in the number of people using health and wellness apps, text reminders for medication and video consultations with physicians, that’s only a small percentage of the way mobile is affecting healthcare.

One of the top ways mobile tech is penetrating the health market is via personal emergency response systems (PERS). We’re proud to be a part of this trend. Our Wireless Leash, which also acts as a panic alarm and one-touch 911 dialer, allows users to be wirelessly connected to a way to call for help.

personal safety device

Several customers have reported that they use ZOMM primarily as a personal emergency response system—specifically older adults or adults whose parents live with them. The panic alarm is a simple way (one-button press) to alert someone if you’re in an emergency situation or just need assistance. Then, if it’s necessary to call 911, users simply continue holding the button to be connected to emergency services.

Early this week we were thrilled to find out that our work isn’t going unnoticed. The Mobile Merit awards, which “recognize companies, individuals and technologies that have shaped the way in which the world communicates today,” recognized ZOMM on their 2011 Mobile Merit list, in the mobile health category.

This is a small step in the mobile health sphere, but we’re glad to be taking it. Technology is fun and fascinating, but it’s nothing if it’s not making people’s lives easier and simpler. We hope to continue our work in both the mobile health and consumer tech markets to do just that.

What trends have you seen in mobile health technologies?

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

ZOMM is a Finalist in CTIA’s Emerging Technology Awards

ctia logo

The 2011 annual International CTIA Wireless show will be held in Orlando, Florida, in just a few weeks. However, the party started this week when the CTIA Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Awards announced their finalists.

We are thrilled to report that ZOMM is a finalist! Judges sorted through over 300 nominations and chose the finalists based on “innovation, functionality, technological importance/impact, implementation and overall ‘wow’ factor.”

ZOMM has been nominated in two categories – “Mobile CE: Fashion & Lifestyle Products,” and “Mobile CE: Accessories. In order to win, we need your votes!

To vote for ZOMM as Best Online Pick in the above categories, visit this link:, and click on ZOMM, LLC. It takes less than a minute! Voting is open until March 23.

CTIA Award shot

We’d also like to thank everyone who voted for us in the Readers’ Choice Awards. Once we hear the final tally, you’ll be the first to know!

*Update: We just received notice that we did, in fact, win the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Mobile Accessory!

Friday, February 25th, 2011

ZOMM Nominated in’s Readers’ Choice Awards – Best Mobile Accessory

ZOMM awards

Thanks to all of you that nominated our ZOMM Wireless Leash, as it was chosen as a finalist in the Readers’ Choice Awards! ZOMM is featured in The Best Mobile Accessory category. describes that as:

“The Best Mobile Accessory category was pretty open…. There were hundreds of single nominations for unique mobile accessories that unfortunately couldn’t make it to this list. Below are the finalists that received the most nominations. All of them are truly useful devices for mobile professionals.”

Polls are open until March 8 at 11:59 pm EST, and you can vote once per day. To vote, please visit this link: and click on “ZOMM Wireless Leash.”

Currently, we’re leading the pack with 202 votes, but the Samnsung Pico Projector is at a close second with 177 votes. Please vote for ZOMM if you can!

Thank you for nominating us, and thank you even more for helping us win. We’ll report back after March 8 with the results!

Monday, January 4th, 2010

ZOMM, The World’s First Wireless Leash for the Mobile Phone, Unveiled at CES


TULSA, Okla. (Jan. 4, 2010) – With billions of mobile phones being used worldwide, thousands of people walk away and accidentally leave their phone behind on a daily basis. ZOMM has created the solution.

ZOMM, a wireless leash for any Bluetooth-enabled phone, will sound an alarm if you walk away from your mobile phone, notifying you to turn around. The award-winning device also features call notification with speakerphone, a panic alarm and a feature that allows you to call emergency assistance from anywhere in the world with just one press of a button.

“Mobile phones are packed full of personal information and confidential business communication, so losing one is a nightmare for most people,” said Henry Penix, co-founder of ZOMM. “My wife originally thought of ZOMM to prevent our family from leaving our phones at restaurants or coffee shops. With the added features of call notification and personal security, it became a “must-have” companion for every mobile phone we own.”

ZOMM is smaller than a normal electronic car key and easily attaches to a key ring. It fits comfortably in your pocket or purse and can even attach to a piece of clothing or workout gear. Similar in diameter to a poker chip, ZOMM features a single button for ease of use, LED lights for visual notifications, a microphone for two-way communications and a speaker for audible alerts including full speakerphone functionality.

As a wireless leash to your mobile phone, ZOMM sends an alert if you ever accidentally leave your mobile phone behind. With call notification, ZOMM will vibrate, flash lights and provide a sound alert for incoming calls when your mobile phone is out of sight; in a purse, gym bag or in a noisy environment. To answer a call just press a button and ZOMM is a fully functioning speakerphone. To send to voice mail, just press the multifunction button twice.

As a personal security device, ZOMM will sound a panic alarm and/or call for emergency assistance from anywhere in the world with just one press of a button. With its speakerphone capabilities, you can speak to emergency personnel without ever touching your mobile phone.

ZOMM is a device that not only keeps your mobile phone secure, but also helps keep you and your family safe,” said Laurie Penix, ZOMM’s co-founder. “With two kids in college and a senior in high school, I feel better knowing they have a panic alarm that sounds an ear piercing alert to fend off a would-be attacker, AND calls emergency assistance if they choose.”

Award Winning
ZOMM is taking the consumer electronic industry by storm, having won the 2010 International CES “The Best of Innovations” Award. The competition honors outstanding design and engineering in consumer electronics products from around the world. Entrants are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade press. Past award winners include; Samsung, Nokia, Panasonic and many other world brands and household names.

ZOMM will be available for retail in the second quarter of 2010, in both black and white color options. It uses a lithium-ion battery with a single charge lasting approximately three days. ZOMM also comes with a standard micro USB wall charger, a micro USB charger that connects with any computer (for updates and activation) and optional clips for ease of use.

About ZOMM
ZOMM is the world’s first Bluetooth wireless leash for mobile phones, with call notification and personal security. It is the brainchild of Laurie Penix, a mother of three, who kept hearing her kids and friends complain about their lost mobile phones. Together with her husband, Henry, they created ZOMM. And, for added safety for her and her family, the panic alarm and the ability to call emergency assistance from anywhere in the world was an added bonus.

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