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Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

4 Common Gadgets Being Replaced by Smartphones

Smartphones are completely ingenious; there’s no question about it. As they continue to gain popularity, though, some other gadgets aren’t faring so well. When you have a handheld device that can do some many things, it’s only natural that other devices will fade to black.

Take these four common gadgets for example:

Digital Cameras

Nearly all smartphone owners use their phone to take photos. The 8-megapixel camera in the iPhone 4S is just as good as, and in some cases better, than digital cameras.

GPS Devices

Mounting your smartphone in your car while you drive is the same as using a portable GPS system—and you don’t have to pay $200 extra for it.

iPods/mp3 players

Very few people want to actually carry around an iPod and a phone. When you can load your entire music library on to your phone, why bother with both?

Standard wristwatches

No, we don’t think watches will go away completely. However, between using a smartphone to check the time and the development of Android-based watches and wristbands for iPod Nano, the watch as we know it may be history.

As these devices make their way out, we’re especially interested to see what new innovations come about. The evolution of technology never ceases to amaze us.

Have you phased out any of these gadgets in your life? Are there others your smartphone has replaced?

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

The myZOMM App for Android — Free on Your Android-Powered Phone! [VIDEO]

Want a companion for your Wireless Leash? Well now you can have one! We’ve released our first myZOMM mobile app, available for Android-powered phones. Watch the video below to see all the cool features of the app:

Like what you see? Get the app for free in the Android Marketplace!

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Who’s the Most Wanted…Smartphone? Nielsen Q1 Mobile Research Reveals

As members of the mobile, consumer technology market, we keep a close eye on trends within the industry. This week, Nielsen released their first quarter mobile statistics, and we’re eager to get a conversation started about them.

From The Nielsen Company report:

“According to The Nielsen Company’s monthly surveys of U.S. mobile consumers from July-September 2010, consumers planning on getting a new smartphone had a very clear preference: A third (33%) wanted an Apple iPhone. Slightly more than a quarter (26%) said they desired a device with the Google Android operating system (OS). And 13 percent said they wanted a RIM Blackberry.

But consumer preferences can be fickle. Those same surveys for January 2011 – March 2011 show just how much things have changed: According to the latest figures, 31 percent of consumers who plan to get a new smartphone indicated Android was now their preferred OS. Apple’s iOS has slipped slightly in popularity to 30 percent and RIM Blackberry is down to 11 percent. Almost 20 percent of consumers are unsure of what to choose next.”

So maybe Steve Jobs’ iPhone doesn’t rule the world after all. It’s interesting that Android has made such a leap in less than a year.

However, the latest, major mobile announcement from Apple was the launch of the iPhone 4 last June. And with numerous devices touting the Android operating system (and the iPhone line being the only available on iOS), perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised by this shift. Are you?

What are your thoughts on the Android versus Apple debate? Weigh-in by leaving a comment below.

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Apple iOS versus Android – Which Operating System is on Top?

In 2005, when Steve Jobs released the iPhone, people were blown-away by the innovativeness of the device. Every electronic device we ever wanted was packed into one small, black, touch-screen phone…

…Or so we thought.

Today, the iPhone is on its fourth generation, and it just keeps getting better with age. However, many other smartphones have entered the market. The most notable being the Android.

Yesterday, Nielsen released a report stating that Android had tied the Apple iOS for the title of “Most Desired Operating System.”  Here are some of Nielsen’s findings:

  • 35 % of users who already had a smartphone and were planning to get a new device leaned towards an Apple iPhone
  • 28% of both smartphone and featurephone users planning to upgrade indicated they wanted an Android
  • Women planning to get a smartphone are more likely to want an iPhone, whereas men prefer Android devices

So what is it exactly that Droid does (pun intended) that has inspired this rapid growth in popularity?

While we can’t give you an answer to that question, we can promise you that regardless of which smartphone you choose, ZOMM will be there to help.

Are you an Apple or an Android? Why? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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