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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

ZOMM on Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect

about ZOMM – Online:

“Where is my phone?”

If you – or your kids – find yourself asking this question several times a day, you could benefit from getting to know ZOMM. It’s a wireless “leash” that hangs from your keychain and is Bluetooth-enabled to vibrate, flash, and sound an alarm every time users walk too far away from their phone.

We liked the concept from the get-go, and found it easy to set up and activate. But what made us fall in love with ZOMM is that it can be set up to be an answerable speakerphone device because, let’s face it, just because we know our phone is in our purse doesn’t mean we can get to it at the moment the ringtone starts sounding. Another huge safety plus – it can sound a panic alarm, and by continuing to hold down the ZOMM multifunction button through the alarm, it can call local emergency assistance. Just. Like. That.

If you’re wondering if a mother was mother of this incredible invention, the answer is yes. ZOMM stands for Zac, Olivia, and Madison’s Mom.

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