Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Stop Losing and Forgetting Things – 6 Memory Tricks

We’ve all lost something at one time or another. Usually, we lose things because we forget what we did with them. If only there was a way to not forget things…

memory tricks

Lucky for all of us, there are lots of ways to exercise your memory. We’ve pulled together 6 tips for boosting your memory:

  1. As you do something, make a mental note of it. For example, if you put your cell phone on the bedside table, say to yourself, “I’m putting my phone on the bedside table.” Creating this clear memory will help you remember the action.
  2. Utilize repetition to remember names and numbers. When someone tells you their name for the first time, repeat it in your head at least three times. Then, make sure to use their name during conversation to ingrain it into your mind.
  3. Learn with all your senses. Look at it, touch it, hear it, smell it and even taste it if you can. Incorporating all of your senses will help you create a memory of an item.
  4. Create songs or rhymes out of information you need to remember. Think about it—how many song lyrics can you remember even though you haven’t heard the song for years? Singing and rhyming is a powerful way to increase memory.
  5. Invent mnemonic devices for lists of information. Do this by making a sentence of out words starting with the first letter of each thing on your list. For example: ROY G BIV for the color of the rainbow or HOMES for the five American Great Lakes.
  6. If something is on the tip of your tongue, recite the alphabet. When you get to the letter that starts the word, it should pop right out in your mind.

Of course, when it comes to remembering something like your cell phone, you can always use a less subtle reminder—like the alarm on our Wireless Leash.


What are your personal memory tricks?

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