Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

I Lost My Phone – Now What!?

You’ve lost your cell phone. It is nowhere to be found. You’ve retraced your steps, all the way to work and back. You’ve called your phone a million times, almost hoping someone else would answer. You’ve searched your car, your house, your yard and are thinking about taking the dog in for x-rays. When you finally face the truth…

You will never find that lost phone. It’s gone. Off to mobile phone heaven.

Now what?!

After replacing the lost cell phone with a new one (which costs you an arm and a leg), asking everyone for their number (since you lost them all) and kicking yourself for not backing up the information from your phone, you face another truth…

This CANNOT happen again. And that’s where we come in.

ZOMM is the world’s first wireless leash for mobile phones. After pairing ZOMM to your phone via Bluetooth, ZOMM will alert you if you ever get more than 30 feet away from your phone. With vibration, lights and sound, ZOMM lets you know to turn around and grab your phone. (GeakBeat.TV host, Cali Lewis, loves ZOMM!)

With two additional features including speakerphone capabilities and emergency assistance dialing, ZOMM keeps you, and your phone, safe. Visit ZOMM on YouTube and Facebook to learn more!

Have questions? Leave a comment below and we’ll be glad to answer!

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