Friday, September 23rd, 2011

ZOMM Loves Female Innovators

As many know, ZOMM was invented by Laurie Penix, the mom of the Penix family. Laurie recalls being on the treadmill, watching Oprah, when a phone call from a girlfriend inspired her to look further into the idea of a wireless leash. Inspired by Laurie’s innovation, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find some of the other top mompreneurs to share with – and hopefully inspire – everyone.

Heather Armstrong – dooce.com

Easily one of the most popular blogs out there for moms and non-moms alike, the readership for dooce.com is in the millions. Since Heather’s blog started garnering more attention, she’s launched two books, landed an advertising partnership with Dove Beauty and a blogging deal with HGTV. She was also named the 26th most influential women in the media by Forbes.

Julie Aigner-Clark – Baby Einstein

Julie produced the first Baby Einstein video in her family’s home basement— with her own funding. After meeting with a tradeshow buyer in New York, Baby Einstein was an instant success story. More recently, Julie sold Baby Einstein to the Disney Corporation for over $20 million, and used her experiencing in surviving breast cancer (twice) to write a children’s book on the subject.

Sophia Chiang – Qlubb

Qlubb is an online calendar tool that helps parent-led groups like PTAs or sports programs keep in touch and coordinate teams of volunteers. Sophia said she had the idea after she noticed a small group of parents always volunteering for activities at her children’s school. Many parents said they wanted to help but didn’t know how, which gave Sophia the idea for Qlubb. Now with 75,000 users, Qlubb continues to grow.

Cinnamon Bowser – Nail Taxi

Even the most innovative of moms needs a little pampering every now and then. But with kids, work, and a household, it can be difficult to get to a nail salon. Cinnamon solved that problem with her service, Nail Taxi. Nail Taxi is a service that brings the salon to you: at home, in the office, or wherever else you may need salon services.

These are some of our favorite mompreneurs, but we want to know who we left off the list. There are so many wonderful female innovators, it’s hard to choose the best. Let us know in the comments below who you would add!

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