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Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Keep Your Children Safe – Alternate Uses for ZOMM Wireless Leash

As you probably already know, ZOMM is a Wireless Leash designed to keep you from forgetting your cell phone. It also serves as a Bluetooth speakerphone and personal safety device. However, outside of the marketed uses for ZOMM, many parents have told us they use the ZOMM to keep track of their children.

In light of this spring’s annual National Safe Kids Week, we wanted to share these alternate uses of our Wireless Leash. Keep reading to find out how ZOMM can keep your toddlers and teens safe…

keep kids safe

Though my kids are all grown up now, I can remember the days of having three little ones running three different directions. So it made perfect sense when I saw parents using ZOMMs on their toddlers.

Here’s how: Stick a ZOMM in your little one’s pocket, or attach the keychain to his belt loop, and if he happens to stray out of range, the ZOMM will begin to beep, letting you know your little tike has gotten away.

The uses for ZOMM are a bit more obvious for teens. Since many children are getting cell phones as teens (or even tweens), getting them a ZOMM will protect them twofold. First, it provides a layer of protection from losing the cell phone you (or they) bought. And second, it puts a panic alarm in their hand and 911 one-button push away. What parent wouldn’t feel comforted by that?

During National Safe Kids Week, we hope you’ll take the time to talk to your children about being safe—whether it’s walking to school, riding a bike or driving a car.

Do you have safety tips to share with fellow parents? Start the discussion in the comments section!

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